Wearable Patches designed to support with Pain, Healing, Ageing Support

Revolutionary wellness patches that use phototherapy and acupuncture points to promote healing and produce health and wellness improvements.

Horses and other large animals - AcuLife is our patch specifically designed to reduce pain and inflammation in horses. 

Smaller animals - our patches we recommend using on smaller animals were designed for human use. There are several patch options available.

What is Phototherapy?

Phototherapy is the use of light for treatment.

The science of phototherapy, which has been around for about 100 years, uses light to improve the health of the body. But this idea is nothing new. As far back as two thousand years ago, the ancient Greeks had a centre for studying the effects of different colored lights on the body. Even the ancient Egyptians, who promoted health by focusing sunlight through colored glass on certain areas of the body, understood this concept.

Phototherapy is now very well understood scientifically. Some examples of how phototherapy is being used today to improve our health are light therapy for newborn babies with jaundice, laser treatments for skincare - reducing wrinkles, discoloration and to treat other more serious skin conditions, infrared saunas, red lamps for wound healing and laser eye surgery. 

How do Phototherapy Patches Work

Scroll down to watch several videos explaining this process.

The patches contain organic crystals (patented). When a patch is placed on the body, body heat activates the patch and the crystals reflect the infrared light back into the body, particular wavelengths of light are reflected depending on the patch and the particular organic crystals used. In combination, the patches are placed on specific acupuncture points on the body, this stimulates the skin and nerves on the body. These processes produce specific health benefits that are unique to each patch.

Lifewave patches are drug-free and nothing from the patch passes the skin into the body. Making them ideal for competitive use.

Are the patches safe to use?

The patches contain no chemicals or drugs and are non-transdermal, meaning that nothing from the patch enters the body. Additionally, a hypoallergenic medical grade adhesive is used. If irritation does occur, the patch can be moved to a different location on the body.

If the animal has a health condition, please consult your veterinarian before using the patches. 

Have the patches been independently tested?

LifeWave has completed over 70 clinical studies that prove the patch products improve health and wellness. 

The AcuLife patches have been tested on horses. 

For a complete library of the publicly available clinical research studies, visit the Lifewave science page - https://lifewave.com/newzealan...

What is in the patches?

The patches contain a patented blend including amino acids, water, stabilized oxygen, and natural organic compounds. None of the materials in the patch enter the body.

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