Wearable Patches designed to support with Pain, Healing, Ageing Care & more

Revolutionary wearable patches that use phototherapy and acupuncture points to promote healing and produce health & wellness improvements. 

Benefits can include pain relief - local and whole body, wound and injury healing, reduced stress, decrease in inflammation and ageing care and youth renewal in older animals.

The patches do not contain any drugs or chemicals and nothing from the patch passes into the body. They are encased in a hypoallergenic medical adhesive and are placed onto the animals coat. 

Is your pet sore, stiff and not getting around as he used to?

Our patches can help with pain, inflammation and restricted mobility. As humans, and animals age, we can suffer from a lack of strength, stamina and flexibility. Several of our products are designed to provide support to ageing bodies.

Sore, tight or painful muscles.

Help your horse perform to the best of his abilities. A comfortable horse is a happy horse and like people, the better they feel the better they can perform.

AcuLife patches designed specifically for horses can relieve pain and inflammation, many users have experienced immediate results.

Easy to use, quick application & drug free. AcuLife patches are perfect to use on competition horses.

Healing - surgery, wound, injury

Our patches can be placed next to open wounds or over bandaging to help support and expedite wound healing. 

Users have also experienced a reduction in scarring and scar tissue.  

Questions, thoughts or anything you want to discuss ?

We'd love to talk to you about your animal and how our patches may be able to help.
Please contact us.


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